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Move to the front of the fashion line—snag the best designer good that came in this week before someone else does.

It’s all who we know.


“I’ve got some really great connections to some very famous folks! Which means that the majority of our merchandise is actually from a bevy of celebs, industry players, and Hollywood wives (and we’re talking the A-list gals here!— the one’s who sit at Brad and Angie’s table at the Globes), plus a smattering of LA’s most influential young IT girls!

Obviously, we have to be insanely discreet, but chances are, you’ve heard of the celeb who owned that Givenchy top you just bought. Especially since two of our consignors were up for Oscars last year, and three attended Jen and Justin’s backyard wedding (not bad for a 70-person guest list)! How fun is that!!!!”

-Simone Sato

About Simone

Birkins, Boy Bags, and Rock-Studs. Oh my.

Can you spot a $1500 designer bag from a block away? Hello friend. You’re gonna be great at spotting the killer deals we have on the hottest bags of the season. (even the ones that haven’t reached the shelves yet—we all know that celebs get first dibs on everything, natch)

Simone Says…

And says it like only she can. Here’s this month’s game-changing blog:

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Because Isabel Marant is magic…..pure French-Hippie-in-the-Countryside magic. Instant hip, insider, I’m-in-the-cool-girl-club magic. And NOBODY does it better….though many try (Iro does a poor man’s version, Free People offers a younger, cheaper, more music-festival kind of thing, and countless others try and fall flat on their fashion faces). But nobody does it quite like Isabel. True story. My assistant and I were on our way to a client’s overflowing closet. She glanced in the backseat and saw a pair of little plaid boxer shorts. I told her they were new Isabel, and she immediately blurted out how she’d wear them: loose, louche, long-torso tee, suede Isabel booties, a tangle of rhinestone necklaces, and perhaps a funky hipster hat or beanie. A perfect outfit. Except that the boxers actually belonged to my 8-year old son, who had changed in the car and left them there. We both laughed, and actually wished that they really DID have an Isabel tag, because then those boxers would have been instantly, insanely cool…..and wearable……and worth about $250 plus (no doubt we both would have bought them). And that, my fashionista friends, is what I call magic.


Know how everyone always tells you to take one thing off before you leave the house? Well, how about putting one thing on instead! Let us clarify—not just one more thing. One great thing. As in a one-of-a-kind ethnic beaded belt, or a closet of old crystal necklaces you found in a Parisian flea market. Even shoulder-grazing, you’re-J-Lo-for-a-day gold hoops. The point is, those great, statement accessories can completely change your look from good to “where-did-you-get-that” great. And how great is that?

Who Really Wore it Best?

Fact. Comedians who comment on fashion pages in tabloids are generally not fashion people. But you are! Tell us who really wore it better.

How Did YOU Wear it?

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Forget Looking Under The Couch Black Heels - forget looking under the

Forget Looking Under the Couch Cushions. The Real Money is in Your Closet.

What would you rather have—a pile of old clothes or a pile of money? That’s what we thought, and that’s what’s so great about designer consignment. Basically, you never have to spend a cent on your wardrobe again. Just rate your closet like an editor, and consign what you don’t wear, what doesn’t fit, what hurts your feet, etc. Wa-La! You get money to buy new things. It’s called the fashion circle of life, and it’s a wonderful thing.


Stay Calm and Shop on.

Here’s a quick how-to of online consignment shopping. (You’ll thank us later.)